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Winter is well and truly here. Though not entirely a winter thing, I do love a good stew. Slow cookers are often thought of as stew pots, but they can cook so much more! Pulled pork? How about a good old curry? I love slow cooker meals, I don’t however love the cost of running a slow cooker all day!



This new and very exciting cooking aid is an absolute genius! Heat retention. Obvious right? You simply boil or brown the ingredients at home, then add everything together and place the whole pot in the Wonderbag. Because the wonderbag is built with heat retention technology, it will continue to cook the food for up 12 hours! that’s just amazing really.



Ok, it might not be enough to retire on but, each time you use a wonderbag, you will save electricity.  You are saving the planet’s resources a meal at a time. Time, you are definitely saving time, 8 hours to be fair. you don’t have to wait to take a trip to the beach, walk the dogs or go exploring for the day. Wonderbag doesn’t need to be plugged in so you can simply pop it in the car with you.

Six Reasons

Six reasons to buy a wonderbag

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