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A while ago, I got chatting to a lovely gentleman on social media, His name? Cole Rath. Cath is an ex-military vet and an all-round decent guy! We got chatting and he owns a company called Mountain Air Roasters. Yes, he owns a coffee company! Not just any coffee company but a veteran owned and veteran run company. I was already hooked by this as its a well-known fact, finding a job when you leave the military is quite difficult! 

Cole had this to say about how it all came about.

After ten years of service in the United States Navy, I worked a few odd jobs around Colorado. From my time in the Navy, and the different jobs I worked there was this one constant that kept grabbing my attention; Bad Coffee! I have travelled the world and had the opportunity to sample many of the world’s assorted coffees and I just couldn’t get over the fact that everyone around me was satisfied with the same old out of a bucket coffee.

The problem with that bucket of coffee is in order to make it taste remotely respectable one must put twice as much coffee grounds as should be needed into the coffee maker. It may seem like that’s acceptable because of the low cost of that type of coffee. However, are you really saving money, and are you really satisfied with that cup you drink every morning? The answer to both of those questions is, NO! You’re using twice the grounds to get a cup of coffee that is something between water and mud.

Enough was enough, and bought a local coffee roasting company no longer in the business and created Mountain Air Roasters. I import coffee beans from over a dozen diverse countries from around the world and roast them to perfection for your enjoyment in every cup. I have also put my unique twist in your favourite flavoured coffee, and some new ones that are sure to grab your attention.

Taking a look around the website, this guy has thrown down the gauntlet here, is this coffee as good as advertised? 

Cole agreed to send me some coffee to try. I was so excited about this as I truly adore coffee! Man was  I surprised when 6days later a large box arrived from the United state with these stickers on it.


The Chosen Three

I opened the box and no word of a lie, the aroma hit me like a freight train! It was like somebody had taken a Jamaica cake, mixed it with coffee, added vanilla and popped it in a box! Cole had sent me magic in a box! Without even brewing, within 30 minutes our house smelt divine! So, here are the coffees.

Viking Swill

Viking Swill


Now, I had heard of Sumatra but didn’t really know an awful lot about it. Here is a little lesson by Cole on Sumatra.

Sumatra is the second largest island of the Republic of Indonesia. Sumatra Mandheling coffee although relatively rare is grown on the lofty volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser near the port of Padang in the Batak region of west-central Sumatra, at altitudes of 2,500 to 5,000 feet.

The Trees

Coffee trees were originally brought to Indonesia in the early 19th century by the Dutch who sought to break the worldwide Arabic monopoly on the cultivation of coffee.  Within a few years, Indonesian coffee dominated the world’s coffee market. Yet by the end of the century disease completely destroyed the crop. Coffee trees were successfully replanted and quickly gained a large share of the world market until the plantations were ravaged again during World War II.

The Method

The natural drying method used in its production results in a very full body with a concentrated flavour, garnished with herbal nuances and a spicy finish. The coffee has a low acidity and a richness that lingers on the back corners on your tongue. Notes of chocolate are evident in the finish.

He knows his stuff right? This was a whole bean coffee which I Just love.


Last but by no means least, Jamaican

This coffee blew my mind! I cannot describe to you, the aroma, the taste, the whole experience! Beautifully roasted beans blended using caramel and Kahlua. What is Kahlua I hear you ask? Kahlua is a Mexican liquor made using rum, vanilla, Arabic coffee beans and sugar. Oh my days, could it get any better? 


Tasting Times

Because of my childlike excitement, I Phoned my friend and neighbour across the road from me, She walked in the door and immediately said the house smells amazing! I honestly cannot put n to words just how amazing the aroma from his coffee is. deep rich coffee, Super sweet caramel, Rum, Vanilla, it truly is a mind blowing aroma. The taste, WOW. It tastes as it smells! It is rich, it is fruity and subtly sweet. I like milk with my coffee ordinarily, not with this, with this, you just want to savour every last twist of flavour. It has to be said, to start the day with a cup of this, I’m smitten! If you want to try it and I recommend you do. Just click here. 

The very next day, it was time to brew some Sumatra. Out came the trusty antique grinder again.


I have no idea how old this grinder is, I believe Alifeoflovely Bought it from a charity shop many years ago. I love this grinder, it beats the electric model hands down for the consistency of the grind. Anyway, in went the Sumatra.


Again the aromas were amazing, not such a deep coffee but more of a mild, gentle coffee-house aroma. This time around another friend had visited (they had got word of the coffee) I’m now making coffee for three people due to word of mouth! Verdict? Beautifully mellow with subtle undertones, a coffee you could drink during the day without it being overwhelming. I very much enjoyed it and so did our neighbours. Want to try it? Click here. 

Viking Swill

Here in the UK, we aren’t big Cold brew drinkers. I think this is something that is becoming a more popular thing as days and weeks go by. Basically, cold brewing is where the coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for up to 24 hours. First off, we cheated and brewed it as you would a normal coffee.


WOW! I mean seriously, this coffee could not be any more amazing! A rich dark coffee full of punch, this is the stuff that would fuel you all day long, it’s like having a Viking inside your veins! Everybody who tried this coffee said it was to die for. Well done Cole! I tried it as a cold brew and again, for a mid-morning drink, it was actually amazing! I couldn’t have been more surprised. Who knew that cold brewed coffee could be so delicious! Want to try it? Just click here.

Is It Really Worth It

People have asked me, well, is it worth getting it shipped over from the USA? Try it and that will be answered easily! Everybody who has tried these coffees alone has said they will be ordering in the new year! That has to be a testament in itself surely? I have actually peeled off a sticker from the shipping box and stuck it to my laptop, Sad? no, it reminds me off where to get delicious coffee. Maybe you could speak to your neighbours, its a great way of actually getting to know them for a start but also you could put a group order in and share the shipping. Remembering it is veteran owned and veteran run, Fantastic, look for the sticker 


That right there is the sign of a quality coffee! I honestly do not have a bad word to say about this coffee and cannot wait to purchase the whiskey-soaked Sumatra in the new year, Thank you, Cole. The coffee is amazing, what you have achieved is amazing. 








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