Dating In The Great Outdoors

 Dating Outdoors

Everyone has this idea, myself included sometimes, about going to a restaurant, maybe the cinema, but what about the great outdoors? if you are surrounded or even if you just have some fantastic places nearby then why let them go to waste? I know what you are thinking. This goes against the rules of dating. Meet somewhere public and so on. Correct. However, I’m not saying to do this on a first date. I am suggesting a way of using the beautiful surroundings available to you, something for the more outdoors couples in the dating world.


Pick An Area

As most of you are aware, I live in the UK. In fact, I live in the stunning county of Somerset. Hopefully, I can show you how simple it is by using somewhere totally different. Here we go then. Obviously first off you would need to initially find a date, so, head on over to dating in Cumbria and find yourself the right partner. Someone who has the same interests as you.  Maybe You would rather try Cumbria dating. The same sort of format, or, If you are more mature, maybe you would prefer Cumbria singles.  It’s not just for the younger ones you know, everyone deserves happiness. Lastly, if none of those suit what you are looking for, maybe try welovedates. I cant guarantee you will find a soul partner but isn’t it about fun?


Decide On An Activity

This is something you should do together. Decide on a place that you are both comfy with, dong an activity you are both interested in. Remember I’m from the south-west so I’m going to choose randomly. Cumbria has so much to offer, How about you both take a trip to Windermere? Beautiful scenery And fishing too.

Maybe you want to take a trip to the slate mines, I personally love history so I would be well up for that.  Maybe your date is into history as well? Somewhere I have always wanted to visit is Cumbria castle. I love architecture so I would be in my element. I’m sure others love this.


Pack For The Day

Remember, this is a date still. Will your date be happy with a sausage roll and can of tango? Probably not going to wow them with that. Maybe pack a nice bottle of wine, a picnic blanket and some nice home-made food, show you have put the effort in. A flask of home-made soup to start with, some home-made bread? Home-made pies and quiches? If you love the outdoor lifeI’mm sure your date will also appreciate the effort of home-made food.


My Take

This is only my take on this, I’m sure if you come from Cumbria you will have hundreds of ideas on where to go and what to do. You might, however, not have known about the great dating sites above. We all deserve a happy life and that surely shouldn’t mean spending it alone? Go out, explore the glorious countryside we have, do it together!


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