Getting Trim With Help From Mirafit

Getting Trim

As some of you may be aware, I have undertaken the task of getting a little fitter. Without blowing my own trumpet, I’m not exactly a 30 stone couch but I’m not as fit as I used to be either. One way that got my attention was to resume running. 25 years ago, I was quite into distance running. I partook in several road races and really enjoyed them.

One thing led to another, work, smoking, and running fell to the wayside. Something I would tell you all, if you smoke, you’re lung capacity is ruined! 3 weeks after I gave up smoking, I felt like I had the lungs of an athlete! Please, Please if you smoke, go 3 weeks without and see the difference. Anyway, I now use the couch to 5k app and Alittlelifeoflovely often joins me. We actually ran our first 3k in July (in all that heat) finishing in under 17 minutes, not a wow but we had only been running 4 weeks. So, the lower body is getting a right good workout however my upper body isn’t quite getting what it needs, the answer? Mirafit.

Own A Gym?

I don’t know about you, but if I brought a multigym into the house, Alifeoflovely would most likely well, we will stop there. It’s a family home, we have children. Space is not something we or most people in fact would have available for a humongous multigym.  So, the clever lot over at Mirafit have produced some fantastic space saving exercise equipment, let’s face it, if you could have fitness gear that didn’t need its own room in the house, you would want it right?

Resistance Bands

These bands are absolutely fantastic. You can purchase them singly or as a full set. I have the full set and even the children enjoy using them.  The resistance bands are 100% latex construction, the bands are perfect for men, women and children alike. The resistance ranges fro 15lb right up to 230 lb so thee will be something for all abilities. Because of the versatility of the bands it really is like having a multigym in the house and yet even the full set will fold up and fit in a shoebox-sized drawer! Check them out here.


Sleds The Way To Do It

For upper body workouts or even building lower body endurance, you can use a weight sled. This one actually comes as a kit so you get the harness too. Now, staying with the space-saving theme here, you can fold this bad boy up and it slides under the sofa! I absolutely love this sled, you can add as many weights as required and it just folds up after. Another great thing about it folding up, you can transport it easier if you want to use it in a park or such like. In my opinion, if you are running or playing sports, this is a must-have piece of kit! Check it out here.

weight sled

Follow The Progress

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and do please pop over and give the Mirafit guys some love. Remember to keep checking back if you want to see whether I actually manage to get fit enough to do half marathons …  See you soon


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