Dating In Ireland The Land Of The Lucky Clover

Lets Date Ireland

Ok, not the actual country, that would be crazy. I want to talk about how to. Where to go if you are looking for fun or love in the emerald isle. Yes, Ireland.

I seem to write a lot of dating posts. I haven’t done a post on Ireland, this, I hope, will be an enjoyable post for you lovely folk looking to find the one.


Where To Look

Good question. I suppose it would depend on who you are. Belfast dating Is probably the most popular if not the most generic of them all, however, it might not suit everyone. You might prefer Belfast singles. Though these two sites are similar, it really does become a whole lot different after the front page. So, what if you are a little more mature? maybe you aren’t a party hard 20 something. fear not, dating in Belfast is designed to be for the more mature person, whether they are looking for love or just a little company. If all of these don’t tick the boxes for you then you could always go to online dating where I’m sure you would find that first date.


Where Shall We Go

Please be patient with me here as, if you are a regular, you will know I am from Somerset. Yes, England. With Belfast being Northern Irelands capital, a great night out can be had virtually anywhere. A few places I can think of would be, the Titanic Belfast, a truly fascinating gallery with interactive rides and full-scale reconstructions. You could reenact rose and jack.

Game Of Thrones. Yes, fans of the show can take a tour, Could you imagine! I personally am a big fan and would love to take the 2-day tour, all that inside gossip, all the sets you would see, brilliant!

Maybe you want a really fantastic day trip. Why not get together and visit the Giants Causeway. One of the wonders that cant be explained, the Giants Causeway is a sight to behold. Imagine the romance from watching the sunset on the causeway.

Furthermore, you don’t by any means have to take my advice and visit these places, this is merely my suggestions. You could quite simply go to one of the beautiful restaurants in the city. Sometimes tradition is best. Maybe one of Ireland’s fantastic little pubs, most of which will have a local band playing of a weekend, you could sample some of the black gold. There is, of course, the good old picnic in the park. What could be nicer on a warm day or summer evening than a beautifully laid out picnic? Yes, I know, a beautifully laid out picnic with a bottle of nice wine.

giants causeway



As with all my previous posts, I like to reming=d you of the behaviour expected of both parties. Whatever you decide to do, I really do hope you behave in a manner that your mum would approve of. Wow, that’s a phrase that brings back memories! Put your best foot forward and enjoy yourself. If it isn’t for you, don’t be afraid to say so, if you aren’t comfy stop, if it is someone else, tell them. You are in control of what you do. Dating can be the best thing to happen to you but please be safe doing so. Use the biggest organ you have, the brain. If you would like to read more of my blogs then how about this one.



That’s right, have fun. Life is for living so do just that. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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