Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming, no, I am not talking about Game Of Thrones. Saying that I am a big fan of the hit television series and can’t wait for the new series to be released. Lannisters and Starks, the battles, the dragons!

Game of thrones

What I want to write about today is the season. Winter. The season that can bring us all sorts of wild and unpredictable weather. Winter happens every year, surely by now we would be all kitted out, coats and hats at the ready?  Well, I for one am absolutely terrible with hats. In the last year, I have probably had 4 hats. I know where one is, the only reason I know the location of that one is because it is on the headrest of my seat.


What hats do you prefer for winter? Baseball cap? Flat cap? Beanie? Bobble hat? Up until recently, I have always loved a baseball cap. Simple, stiff peaked baseball cap. Keeps the rain off you for a minute, stops winter sun glare and doesn’t weigh anything. I find Beanies just too tight and the “Thinsulate” ones damn itchy! Winter time I tend to wear a hat a fair bit so it needs to be comfy and functional. I give you, the Trapper hat.

Trapper hat

These hats are awesome! you can clip/fold or fasten the ear flaps up so as not to get too hot but if the skies let loose and the wind and snow want to batter you, just lower the ear flaps. These hats weigh absolutely nothing and let’s face it, if the Innuits wear them then surely they must be good right?  I sported mine on carnival night and believe me, my head and ears were toasty. We had a beacon lighting and there was a sharp wind, the children took my hat! The trapper hat comes in hundreds of colours and designs, something to suit everyone’s taste. You can even buy a baseball style one!

baseball trapper

That’s a pretty awesome hat, right? In all my years I haven’t found a hat that beats these trapper hats and it seems they just never go out of fashion! Every year shops stock and sell trapper hats. I for one love mine and will be buying another one at least before winter gets here.

Thanks for reading and I will be writing about my all-time favourite winter coat soon so keep an eye out or better still, sign up for email alerts and you will never miss another post. Have you read this one?

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