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Do You Need To Buy Love

Surely that’s a great question, right? Gone are the days of meeting people by going to a pub, club, bar or another venue. Ok, maybe not gone but, The age of the internet just makes things easier. So, what do I mean by buying love? With the internet, smartphones, tablets and computers we can use apps and dating sites but you have to pay? Whats all that about? There are free sites out there which are just as good if not better than some of the paid sites. Hopefully, I can steer you n a direction where you can see just how fun and easy it is to use a free dating site.


Feels The Same

That’s right, Using a free site is no different. The people on it are the same, there are no hidden extras and you can browse freely. Just think, with the money you can save on memberships, you could put towards that all important first date! Maybe a restaurant? A trip to the cinema? The opportunities are endless. Just remember, its there to be fun.  This is one of the free dating websites.  Its great fun and very easy, just put in your gender, date of birth, email address and who you are looking for. Can it get much easier than that?


Is It Safe

Something that concerns many people is whether or not the information they enter is safe. As with most websites now, they have fantastic encryption software, full security verification so you know, the details you add are perfectly safe. As with any dating site, the rules remain the same. Meet for the first time in a public place, be respectful, be honest and most of all, enjoy it!  Dating is one of those things people seem to fear, why? its meant to be fun, a pleasure, something that may even lead to a long-term relationship or more. So, if that can happen from a free site, brilliant.


A Good Reason

At some point, everyone will have reservations about it but online dating really is a great way of getting yourself out there. Think about it this way, let’s say a paid site charged you a membership fee of maybe £35. That is a pair of cinema tickets with popcorn. £35 is a sizeable amount of a dinner. A saving like that is also great to take a date to the beach for an evening stroll. I’m not saying don’t ever use a dating site that you have to pay for, I’m saying don’t dismiss the free to use sites. You think you are the only one that might be using it? A recent study suggests last year more than 7.8 million people in the UK used a dating site. Think they all opted for a paid site? No, me neither.


Great Way To Start

Using  free dating websites is a great way to just get out there, test the water, see what the dating game is all about. Don’t be shy, be yourself. You never know where or who it might lead you too? Could happiness be just a click away? I hope this will help convince you to try free dating sites if you have any feedback so please contact me as its great to hear other peoples stories.


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