Get The Garden Ready For The Wind

Packing away

Autumn is a couple days away, let’s think about the garden again, shall we? Weather forecasters are already telling us we will be having gales and horizontal rain.


Have you packed the bbq away or just put a winter cover over it?  If you have put it in the shed, great! If it is simply under a cover, be sure to tie the cover down well, on a windy night, the cover will inflate like a parachute and either drive everyone mad with the noise or worse still, come off completely and disappear.

bbq cover

Plant Pots and Watering Cans

Honestly, the noise of an empty watering can banging around a patio drives me mad! Ensure watering cans and any other cans or pots are either put in the shed or simply secured so as not to be blown around the garden. More often than not, plant pots and planters are made of thin plastic, these are very light and will very easily break if blown over. Ceramic pots are even more fragile!


Ceramic pots aren’t cheap and it would be a real shame for them to get broken due to not being prepared.  Remember, if you have a greenhouse, be sure the door is shut and the windows are shut, the wind will blow the glass clean out.

Broken greenhouse

Boxes And Bins

We’ve all done it, left the recycling boxes out or the wheelie bin in the open. Before you know it, the bins on its side and the recycling boxes are on the next street. If you don’t have anywhere to store the recycling boxes, try and bungee strap them together, it just makes it less likely to blow away.


Table And Chairs Anyone

Obvious I know but these things are overlooked. Plastic chairs. Big old tables. They all love to blow around the street if you don’t either pack them away or anchor them.


Bouncy Bouncy

Probably my all-time favourite. Having to go to the next street to ask for the children’s trampoline back! So many people bought trampolines when they became the in thingy again. I know that most didn’t even think to stake them down. Every time we have a good storm there are pictures everywhere of token trampoline planes.


Hopefully, this has reminded you to do those last minute checks in the garden. Right now, it is blowing like mad, our boy actually got blown over walking the dogs with me. Anyway, whatever happens, be safe and get that trampoline staked down.


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