The Wallet Debate Fabric Or Leather

wallet debate


Probably not the most exciting thing in the world right? Possibly not but, A wallet can say a lot about the man using it. A wallet needs to be both functional and comfortable, right? For instance, Would you be comfortable being in a coffee house and taking your wallet out to pay and it is a pink unicorn wallet? Ok, I would be but that’s just because I’m a dad and I am fashionably challenged! That’s what m told anyway, I beg to differ.


I have a lovely simple fabric wallet by animal. Its a simple velcro opening wallet and has served me well for the last 9 years and was a gift from Lu Lovely. During this time it has been dropped in mud, manure, been totally submerged in water and yet it has lived to tell the tale. Some peoples perception of a fabric wallet would be, immature, surfer dude, more suited to teens. They may be right, I’m certainly not going to say either way. One thing I would say, You do feel a little daft ripping the velcro open at times, its a bit like having trainers with velcro straps because you can’t tie laces, know what I mean? I know that’s not the case and it is daft I’m sure but again, its the perception.



Yes, the old faithful. Whether it be stud fastened or a simple folding wallet, the leather has stood the test of time. Teenagers mind you would argue that it is simply an oldies wallet. Personally, I do like a good leather wallet. My problem would be, I can’t see it lasting anywhere near as long as my fabric one. A genuine leather wallet just couldn’t stand up to the abuse my wallet has taken over the years. That’s one of the many reasons I have a fabric one. If they made a nice, genuine leather wallet that would take the abuse mine has and still be intact I would love to see it. Maybe now we aren’t running lots of livestock, I may get a leather wallet as it really does feel that little bit more “grown-up” Am I making a mistake? What wallet do you have? Please let me know, something else to consider, my original wallet has no RFID Blocking, a metal composite which prevents thieves scanning cards whilst the wallet is in your pocket. That’s some clever stuff right there huh? My initial thoughts are to maybe purchase one like this

Leather wallet

what are your thoughts?  Should I hold out for another fabric one or go leather? They have lots of aluminium card only holders now as well, I can’t see these doing it for me personally but you never know I guess. Is there something out there I have missed?

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  • I have a trifold leather wallet (leather outer and fabric inner) and I’ve had it for many, many years – perhaps as many as 20 years. It’s just about on its final legs and I’m looking for a replacement. I bought it in the USA – as US bills were longer, they seemed to have more trifold wallets there – and much better than a bifold wallet. Just about to head off to Amazon to see what I can find…

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