Something we have started doing of late is having a games night. Old school yes, but something that really does bring everyone together. I cant take credit for it though as it was A life of lovely’s idea and a great one at that.  Our oldest would pop round once a week for dinner with his girlfriend which is nice, but, it is for dinner, a chat after and that’s really it. It isn’t really something that would stimulate interaction as we are all guilty of “just” check my phone, next thing you know you have been on it for 30 minutes.



I personally thought the days of board games were dead and buried, I was so wrong. Our children are of varying ages so for them, we play simple card games, cheat and the likes. Lu discovered this fantastic game called Fletter! This is a fantastic word game played with cards, its like snap crossword. Lu has a great review which you can read about here.




Yes, for the oldest and our adult friends we play Texas Holdem. It’s quite simple to learn how to play and if you get stuck, well, if you buy a kit like this you can simply refer back to the booklet included which tells you the hands that can be played and the value of each hand.



I know it sounds a little cheesy but, it really is not all about the games but about interaction. If you have a few old board games stuffed in the cupboard, dust them off and invite friends and family over for a games night. It really is a great way to socialise. A great way to interact with friends and family without everyone being glued to the phone. When the games come out, our house erupts with giggles and laughter for the whole evening. Lu will usually make a batch of Nachos and a few dips which our oldest loves, and I try and sneak a little of the homebrew in. A cheap, funfilled evening full of good old fashioned face to face interaction.

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