A Day Using Banoffee

A Local Water

Sometimes, you just want to take a trip to the local pond. In the summer, we did just that. Our local pond is a little over 3 miles away and oasts a mind-boggling 2 acres of water. I know, hardly massive, it does, however, hold a good stock of carp. So here it is, a little couple hour trip using the amazing Tor Baits Banoffee.


Small Water Big Baits

Although the little water holds a lot of fish, they are used to certain feeds, this being corn, meat and maggot. With that in mind, I wanted to try my luck using the awesome Tor products. First off, a simple hair with a slimeball wafter, these wafters, as the name suggest, leak a massive trail of bright green liquid flavouring. The huge leakage not only gives off a scent trail but is a great visual attractant too.



The proof is in the pudding

We only spent a couple of hours on the water but in that time we all managed some lovely carp, all caught on Tor products.

If you would like to try the Tor products you can get a free sample pack here.

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